For 30 years

Lehmann has loved wine

and accompany you in your tastings

A story of passion

Founded with the aim to respect the meticulous work of the winemaking process, Lehmann is driven by the desire to offer a unique oenological and sensory experience.

A story of passion
A story of passion


Passionate about the world of tableware, the company settled in Champagne in the early 90s and began specializing in the design of tasting glasses and accessories for serving wines and spirits.

Trend setter

An avant-garde company, Lehmann experienced its first major successes in the early 2000s with its iconic and universal collection of Opale champagne flutes and its range of buckets and basins with innovative designs.

A story of passion
A story of passion

The birth of a French brand

At the end of the 2000s, the Lehmann name became a brand under the same name. The company has taken its oenological approach a step further by combining its expertise with that of Gérard Basset, the Best Sommelier in the World and Master of Wine.

A collection at the service
of effervescence

With the aim to capture the complexity of everything that defines Champagne, the brand collaborated with Philippe Jamesse to launch its first Signature collection dedicated to effervescence.

A story of passion
A story of passion

Through the Signature

For several years now, Lehmann has been designing and creating Signature collections together with the leading professionals in the world of gastronomy, wines and spirits.

A story of passion

Tomorrow starts

“The Lehmann project has its eye on the future, it’s a collective adventure, a mutual passion, a desire for elegance, sharing and ideals.”

Matthieu Bouatta, Managing Director.

A story of passion

Enhancing our product

Lehmann has adapted to the emerging trends in mixology and microbiology and is now developing specific tools: cocktail glasses, beer glasses, and premium decanters and bottles.

A quest for excellence
in the service of tasting

In 2020, Lehmann launched a line of new Ultralight mouth-blown and machine-blown tasting glasses, high-fashion creations that offer a blend of exceptional refinement and optimal lightness.

A story of passion
A story of passion

our marketing

The company has multiplied its distribution channels both in France and internationally. In more than 50 countries, Lehmann supports professionals in the art of serving wines and spirits.

A solution for each
of your projects

Our brand of tasting glasses, a complete range of accessories, decoration, customized creations and sourcing solutions: Lehmann offers a comprehensive service to advise and meet the requirements of its customers.

A story of passion

“Listening, trust and loyalty are the essential values that define our relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Matthieu Bouatta, Managing Director.