Glass & Tasting

The glass tells the story of the wine and harmoniously rhythms the different tasting times.

The influence of the glass
in the aromatic expression

  1. The dive is a precise anchor point for effervescence and rotation.
  2. The lower part of the parison promotes a flexible and controlled vortex.
  3. The shoulder of the glass suggests an indicative level of service.
  4. The upper part of the parison tightens to intensify the expression of the wine’s aromas.
Glass and tasting

The influence of the glass in the steps of tasting

Glass and tasting

To the eye

The transparency of the glass perfectly reveals the color of the wine.

Glass and tasting

To the nose

The upper part of the parison concentrates the aromas to provide exceptional richness.

Glass and tasting

To the mouth

The lightness and finesse of the chalice allow the glass to fade away to give way to a unique tasting experience.

The influence of
glass & wine pairings

Today, the Lehmann house creates large-capacity glasses with a beautiful distribution of proportions.

The harmony of curves, volumes and the large contact area between air and wine are at the service of a magnified aromatic expression.

The horizontal stretch reveals the intensity and depth of the rich and complex wines.

The vertical stretch deploys with precision the partition of wines focused on freshness and liveliness.

Glass and tasting